Drake’s Demons : “Shot For Me”


So I love Drake.

Like a lot.

I can’t really explain why. The voice. The beat. The feeling. Something about his music goes beyond me just saying “Oh yeah, I like his music.” I don’t just like his music.

It’s more than like, its like his music understands what I am, who I am, and what I’ve been through and what I face. When I hear his songs, I feel at home and feel safe understanding someone else feels the same way I do, which is funny because I share nothing in common with him as a person.

But regardless, because I feel so in sync with his music, I feel like I’ve got a pretty good grasp of what he feels and intends with his songs, and I was looking for someone online who could really articulate that, but I couldn’t find anyone who could really dig into not just the musical choices he’s made, but the artistic ones.

Yes, artistic. I recently watched a video about how something is art if “it intends to heal; either the artist or their audience.” And healing comes in a lot of forms, especially in music: from the simple expression of what’s on one’s mind all the way to a sobbing, gut wrenching heart-string puller. And the choices an artist makes in their medium can be indicative of a lot about their life and what they’re trying to heal from.

And from listening to about 10,000 hours of Drake, it’s very indicative that many of Drake’s songs are attempts to heal himself from his past demons: girls, mistakes, betrayal, and a lot more.

And, after listening to this next song I’m about to discuss and being unable to find anyone who’s done it already, I’ve decided to talk about them : Drake’s Demons and what they say about him, his art, and his healing.


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A Cog in the Machine

Cog in the Machine

(Neil Coulter)

Couple of days ago, I heard a podcast from Seth Godin that really resonated with me, especially in terms of what I’m doing in my AP English Lit 3 Class and especially with what I’m doing in my blogs, both this one and the publishing house that I’m involved with.

Godin essentially said that its not enough in this modern modern to merely go with the flow. He states that it is now essential to become an innovator, to be a creator, an artist. Its not enough to be a cog in the machine, you must start to now build your own machines.

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