Progress: Branching Out


Still Waiting.

Seriously, this injury is antagonizing me, I can practically watch Crew get further and further away from the philosophy that I want him to follow.

But while he’s been injured, I’ve been able to fight through Finals week, and now I’m back on track with the blog, and hope to post a lot more.

But what I’ve noticed is sometimes I don’t have time to post a long, well thought out post, and I sought other mediums for my content.

Twitter was the perfect answer for my problem and you can follow me here for any little tidbit I post:

Its already been a great way to just quickly post stuff, and I’ll be using it a lot more often.

But in addition to twitter, I’ve decided to do some more focusing.

My blog has kinda been all over the place, and I really feel like there’s not enough basketball or enough of my brother, so I’m going to start posting a lot more on the game itself as well as keep things focused a lot more on Crew since that is the aim of this blog. So expect a lot more technical stuff, but I’ll still write my weekly wonder stuff like I usually do.



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